1kW of Solar Per Capita in Australia With Record Rooftop Installs

1kW of Solar Per Capita in Australia With Record Rooftop Installs

The Success Outline Of Solar In Australia

With the growing popularity of solar panels in Australia, we have achieved a marvellous feat of nearly 1kW of panels for every one person. This has made us a proud country with the most solar per capita in the world that comes after a smashing record of solar panel installation in 2020. The total capacity of solar installed in Australia is 20.8GW, of which 13GW is on the rooftops.

2020 has been a record breaking year in the solar industry with approximate 370,000 new systems installed on homes and businesses as per The PV in Australia Report for 2020. Also, in the coming years, this trend is not going to slow down by any means.

The increase we have seen this year is around 3GW on rooftop installs and another 1.5GW of ground-mounted installs. At the end of the last year, Australia surpassed Germany, which had 650W/person with a better capacity of 810W solar per person, thereby topping the world list. This brought an average increase in the solar installation by up to 31% in households.

Which States Have Done Better?

In Australia, the two states of Queensland and South Australia alone has around 40% of homes powered by solar and in some localities, this percent is over 50. Together, a 10-fold increase in total installed capacity is witnessed compared to a decade before in 2011.

With more preference for rooftop PVs, photovoltaics have gained more demand in the market. Solar records were broken in all rooftop sectors with residential solar growing to over 1.8GW and commercial solar adding 1.2GW in rooftop solar.

When it comes to large-scale and utility solar installation connected to the grid, the ratio has increased 10 folds in a few years, from 740MW in 2017 to 7.4GW in 2020.

Coming to the costs, we have seen a steep drop in pricing with continuous improvement in the technology and manufacturing sector, thereby making solar more affordable than ever before. This trend of falling prices has led to an increase in the count of new rooftop installations. In the end, what matters is that we are becoming more environment friendly and responsible by adopting solar energy over traditional electricity.

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