Best Solar Batteries of 2022

Best Solar Batteries of 2022

Selecting the best solar battery might be challenging. Many terminologies are hurled at you, like depth of discharge, battery capacity, round-trip efficiency, and AC vs. DC coupled. It’s tough to comprehend what it all means unless you’re already an expert on batteries, and it’s even more challenging to act appropriately in light of it. That’s why we made this article, breaking down the batteries we think are the greatest ones out there and the best ones for various situations.

It’s crucial to know whether your inverter is a hybrid inverter or an inverter that can function as both a solar inverter and a battery inverter if you’re adding a battery to an existing solar energy system. If it is, adding a DC-coupled battery that is directly connected to the hybrid inverter is an alternative.

If it’s not a hybrid inverter, don’t worry—an AC-coupled battery connected directly to your home’s electrical switchboard is a straightforward fix.

The Ideal Batteries For A New System Installation

The following are our recommendations for the best hybrid inverter + battery package if you have the chance to choose the battery and inverter combination that is most suited to complement each other:

  • The Huawei LUNA2000 w/ the Huawei L1 or M1 Hybrid inverter
  • Sungrow SBR battery with Sungrow hybrid inverter
  • BYD battery with Fronius GEN24+ hybrid inverter
  • SolarEdge Energy Bank battery with SolarEdge Energy Hub hybrid inverter

Our top batteries were chosen based on a variety of criteria. Finding the right combination of desirable battery characteristics requires balancing several factors, including safety, scalability, round-trip efficiency, backup capabilities, Evergen compatibility, and cost.

Although Huawei won the competition, the batteries from Sungrow, BYD, SolarEdge, and QCELLS also have significant advantages that, depending on your demands at home, may make them a superior choice.

The Top Batteries For Retrofitting A System That Already Exists

Our  recommendation if you are going for an AC-coupled battery would be:

  • The Tesla Powerwall

Finishing Up!

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