Global Rooftop Solar Installations To Double By 2025

Global Rooftop Solar Installations To Double By 2025

Australia dominates the global market when it comes to solar installations by maintaining its leading spot in per-capita rooftop solar PV installer. Also, there’s good news for those planning to have a career in the solar industry.

A new analysis done by Oslo based Rystad Energy predicts that global rooftop solar PV installations will witness a powerful surge over the next few years to achieve the target of 100GW. This means there are more solar installer and electrician jobs on the way.

After a slow growth of renewable energy between 2010 to 2016, now the rooftop installations have seen a tremendous jump in popularity. It improved globally by 64% in five years and is targeted to reach 65GW by the end of 2022.

This global surge in rooftop solar capacity is due to government rebates, incentives and friendly policies introduced to promote solar adoption.

From small scale PV installations to off-grid projects for residential, commercial and industrial properties, solar has gained momentum throughout the world with more emergence in China, Japan, Germany, the US and Australia.

The key drivers behind the boost to solar sector are rising costs of electricity, low costs of solar energy, high return on investment, solar rebates, extra roof space, and many more. Out of all the emerging solar nations, Australia leads the world in terms of per-capita rooftop solar PV installations, followed by Germany and Japan.

Not only this, Australia is one amongst the top three countries in terms of total installed rooftop capacity, all thanks to the solar incentives provided by the government. Also, the costs of solar panels in Australia is much lower to than in the US. This influences more residents to go solar and save on electricity bills.

Conclusion: With global rooftop solar installations to double by 2025, now is the best time to start a career in the solar industry for a dominating worldwide success.

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