More Energy Savings And Renewable Jobs For Victorians

More Energy Savings And Renewable Jobs For Victorians

There’s an exciting news for Victorians, get ready to enjoy unlimited energy benefits with supercharged solar savings, green energy initiatives and more jobs in the renewable sector with the Government’s decision to drive down the energy bills and emissions.

As announced in the state budget 2022/23, the Government will invest up to $250 million in renewable energy so that the households using the Government’s Victorian Energy Compare website can apply for the $250 power-saving bonus, which is applicable from 1 July 2022.

To benefit almost everyone, the Government has decided to provide this one-off payment to even those households who have previously claimed a $50 or $250 Power Saving Bonus.

With the allocation of $300 million for a safe and smooth transition to renewable energy and target net-zero emissions, the budget will come up as a boon to the jobs in the clean energy sector. Due to this move of the Government, switching to solar has become more affordable and effortless than ever before.

In order to help Victorians in developing and refining their skills in the renewable industry and attain solar jobs easily, the Government has allocated $8 million in the budget with an aim to support the training of electrical workers.

Not only this, the budget is designed to drive down the annual household energy costs with critical energy affordability support and assistance to Victorians covered under the $9 million bracket.


Renewable and solar industry is one of the best growing sectors when it comes to employment and jobs. Ever since 2014, Australia has created thousands of energy jobs and generated more than 4,400 megawatts of clean energy.

This year, the jobs in the solar sector will increase to a great extent, with more and more households shifting to solar installation.

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