New Energy & Solar Jobs Depend On Stronger 2030 Target

New Energy & Solar Jobs Depend On Stronger 2030 Target

With a stronger 2030 target of clean energy, more jobs in the energy and solar industry can be introduced. A higher 2030 target is critical to provide a signal for more investment that ensures a massive boost to the economy and employment sector in Australia.

With plenty of resources, ample sunlight, and modern technology in hand, the Australian government can confidently take up the initiative to sign up to a far more ambitious 2030 target. We can easily achieve at least a 44% reduction in harmful emissions by 2030 with the right sustainability policy and support from the government.

CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton said, “renewables are a proven methodology that may become an efficient pathway in meeting net-zero emissions target”. There is a long road ahead for clean energy transition and with this transition, a golden box full of opportunities and jobs will open up.

As per Thorton, wind and solar energy is the most affordable option to power the country as well as the economy. They are not only renewable but also easy to generate, keeping in mind the amount of wind and sunlight we receive here.

In the Paris Agreement, Australia along with other signatories agreed to review and revise their 2030 targets keeping in mind 1.5°C temperature rise. Our current emissions reduction target is in line with a 4°C temperature rise and we are going pretty well, but still, we should not shirk our responsibilities for clean energy and safe climate and keep going beyond our potential.

Australia must focus on its responsibilities in the interest of a safe climate and green energy. A strong interim target on 2030 will play a crucial role in laying an easy pathway of achieving net-zero 2050 target on renewables and also brings in more jobs and growth.

Energy Training Group is playing its fair share in helping the country achieve its 2030 target easily by generating awareness of shifting to renewable sources of energy and providing industry leading training to solar installers, so they remain updated with the compliance and technology.

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