Solar Victoria Is Lifting Solar Safety Standards

Solar Victoria Is Lifting Solar Safety Standards

With the implementation of the Solar Homes Program, Solar Victoria is focused on making the state of Victoria the best in the nation when it comes to solar safety standards. With a targeted audit program and focus on regulatory compliance, the standards are continuously being lifted across the industry.

By undertaking risk based audits of solar installations, Solar Victoria is focused on detecting potential safety risks and has seen a decline of up to 67% in safety concerns ever since the commissioning of the Solar Homes Program.

Audited systems have witnessed a failure of just 1%, and the unsafe systems are disconnected immediately. After this, Solar Victoria connects with the retailer to rectify the safety and performance issues by taking all necessary actions.

Since the program began, action has been taken against 20 retailers and 29 installers who didn’t meet the compliance and safety standards. Defaulters have to face suspension or permanent disqualification from the Solar Homes Program.

Around 80% of residential solar installations in Victoria is covered under the government’s $1.3 billion program. With the rising focus on safety and compliance, the solar standards in the industry have lifted to sky heights, thereby benefitting both households and installers.

As per the program that is focused on safety, the use of only quality products by accredited installers and approved retailers is allowed. All installers have to undertake mandatory training and should be CEC accredited to carry on an installation project.

To further boost the safety standards in the industry, Solar Victoria is investing $11 million in professional training to help licensed electrical inspectors in improving their skills, building capability and professional development.

Ever since its launch in 2018, Solar Homes Program has helped Victorian households in the installation of solar systems, making solar energy more accessible, and driving down the energy prices so as to play its part in tackling climate change by providing more than $270 million in rebates.

If you want to revolutionise the solar industry, enrol in our solar training programs and become a CEC accredited professional solar panel installer in Victoria.

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