Australians Doing Net-Zero Heavy Lifting With 3 Million Solar Systems Now Installed

Australians Doing Net-Zero Heavy Lifting With 3 Million Solar Systems Now Installed

The federal politicians are just bickering over net-zero targets, whereas homeowners and small businesses are playing their part with utmost dedication. Australians are doing the heavy lifting on emissions reduction and have achieved a feast of more than 3 million rooftop solar systems installed in the country.

This comes after rooftop solar achieved record installation of approximately 369,000 systems installed in 2020, which is no less than a milestone.

You’ll be glad to know that Australia leads the world in per capita uptake of solar power with 22 percent higher per capita than Germany or Japan in 2020. On average, more than 41 solar systems are being installed every hour across Australia, equating to one panel every 44 seconds.

This move towards solar energy has greatly transformed Australia’s carbon-intensive electricity supply, which benefits not only the planet but also households because of more savings.

With a highly professional and efficient workforce, we are one of the countries with the lowest cost residential and commercial rooftop installations. Together we are enjoying this feast because of the clear skies and abundant sunshine we receive.

For every megawatt of new rooftop solar system installation, up to six jobs in the industry are created each year. At this time, the renewable energy sector is one of the largest generators of employment and job opportunities.

It’s mainly the residents and small businesses that have done the heavy lifting on carbon emissions reduction and this progress has greatly helped in slashing the carbon pollution to some extent.

This is all because of the affordable solar panel costs and government rebates that have led households in directly investing in solar powered systems. Our abundant sunshine is a major factor that is compelling people to say bye to traditional energy sources and going solar.

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