Coal Loving Australia Just Hit Wind and Solar Power Records

Coal Loving Australia Just Hit Wind and Solar Power Records

With the recent analysis conducted by Rystad Energy in Australia, the figures shared depicted that the three of Australia’s six states managed to make new records for wind power and solar energy production. As per the record, around 3,628 gigawatt hours of power was produced all across the Australia via utility-scale wind and solar projects.

Out of all, the quarter of the power came from the region of New South Wales that successfully generated 995 gigawatt hours of wind and solar energy. Not only NSW, there were several other standouts, as many wind power generation farms produced great figures in terms of capacity output, or the percentage of time a power plant is actually used.

In the state of Western Austria, to the north of Perth, a wind farm named Badgingarra with a 37-turbine installation produced a jaw-dropping capacity of power at the rate of 64%. This rise in capacity rate makes Badgingarra as one among the other five wind farms capable of hitting the capacity rates of more than 50% in January.

Since coal is still the king in producing electricity, the wind wins in the recent time is a great deal for Australia. Australia was the world’s second-biggest exporter of coal in 2020. Though the count of solar and wind plants are rising at a tremendous rate, coal-fired power plants are still favoured by many as they generate about 60% of Australia’s electricity.

In the last year’s UN climate meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison procrastinated to issuing a net-zero plan for the country, but the pace with which it is going is pretty slow.


Three of Australia’s six states saw new records for wind and solar power production and produced 3,628 gigawatt hours of power across Australia to set a new record.

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