How To Become A Solar Installer in Australia?

How To Become A Solar Installer in Australia?

Are you keen on becoming a solar installer but doesn’t know what it takes to pursue a career in the solar industry? In Australia, solar is booming a lot in terms of both popularity and career. To become a solar installer here, you’ll need to fulfil three requirements i.e. solar training, an electrical license and a CEC accreditation (not mandatory).

  • Qualification Requirement

The foremost thing to complete as a qualification requirement is Solar Grid PV design and installation training by enrolling in a registered training organisation.

After that, you can apply for a CEC accreditation to become a qualified solar installer in Australia. Once you have completed the Solar PV course, you can continue getting more practical knowledge by completing a Solar PV Battery Storage course. This will add a solar battery storage accreditation to your existing CEC accreditation.

  • Electrical License Requirement

An electrical license is a must to be fulfilled requirement for a solar installer as solar involves a lot of electrical work. This work involves electrical machines and appliances. The license requirements in terms of the types, fees and specific responsibilities are different in each state, but the sentiment is the same across the industry.

In terms of solar, an electrical license is evidence that an installer is competent in working with the electricity.

  • CEC Accreditation (Optional)

CEC refers to Clean Energy Council, and the accreditation means you are accredited to carry out the solar installation as per the CEC. Accreditation with the CEC is not a strict requirement for candidates who want to be solar installers, but it has its own benefits.

Installers having this accreditation are more preferred in the industry and among the people. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you become an installer with CEC accreditation.

If you are looking for a trusted solar training institute that can help you out with the solar training programs, Energy Training Group is your foremost choice. For last many years, we have been providing students with a myriad of solar courses in the PV and battery storage domain. Enrol now for a successful career.

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