Launch Your Solar Career With CEC Accreditation

Launch Your Solar Career With CEC Accreditation

Want to start a career in solar industry? If yes, getting a CEC accreditation can give you a successful start and a quick boost with better growth. Whether you are a solar trainee or an electrician, having adequate training ensures a higher standard of work and better energy output for every solar system installed.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the organisation in charge of regulating solar technicians and installations in Australia. Energy Training Group provides solar and PV training needed to apply for CEC accreditation that can successfully launch a career.

All solar installations for solar and batteries are looked upon and approved by accredited designers and installers. The approval done means the solar installations are manufactured to AS/NZ standards. CEC accreditation enables a solar trainee to obtain a solar Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

Benefits of Getting A CEC Accreditation

Here are some benefits you can receive after getting a CEC accreditation:

Access to how-to guides, technical material, and toolbox talks

Access to the CEC’s technical assistance line for solar energy

Being aware of significant alterations to industry standards

Notified of CEC approved products and their removal

Notified of any problems uncovered during inspections

Giving opinions to the authorities in government and regulation

When it comes to customers, they are more likely to choose an installer having CEC accreditation as they work to the highest standards of quality.

Since Australia’s solar sector is growing at a tremendous rate, now is the best time to start a career in the solar industry. Energy Training Group is one of the best registered solar training institutes specialising in solar, PV, grid and battery installation training programs for trainees and electricians. You can choose to enrol in your choice of solar program to give your career a successful start.

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