Solar Battery Storage Is The Cleaner & Cheaper Option!

Solar Battery Storage Is The Cleaner & Cheaper Option!

As per the Clean Energy Council, the recent finalised approval of the Kurri Kurri gas peaking plant actually undermines the Australia’s efforts to deliver low cost power with reduced harmful emissions with a purpose to build a reliable energy system.

Kane Thornton, the Chief Executive at the Clean Energy Council, acclaimed that a utility-scale battery for this site was a smarter choice both economically and environmentally.

Previously too, the Clean Energy Council outlined that batteries are cheaper than open cycle gas turbine plants for providing electricity peaking services. Also, a battery storage system is capable of delivering a cost saving of 30 per cent with greater flexibility.

Large-scale batteries are the best option to meet periods of unexpected high electricity demand. It plays a significant role in reducing the intensity of emissions and carbon footprint.

When a new 250 MW gas peaker and a 250 MW four-hour grid scale battery is compared, the battery dominates to a large extent. As per Thornton, “Batteries provide a premium peaking service in the period of high demand as opposed to peaking gas plants”. They generate power quickly, have almost no startup time and provide better frequency response.

As the battery technology advances at a greater pace and new markets are established, the commercial case for batteries are sure to bring better rewards in the future. Although for long-term investment, certainty remains, but the newly adopted policies incentivise the initiatives in the battery storage industry.

Since the electricity demand must match the supply generated at all times, storing more electricity using batteries allows the grid to quickly respond to a surge in demand on very hot days.

Whether you need a backup only for a few seconds or for a couple of hours, the capability of large-scale batteries is unrivalled. Ever since their installation with the solar panels, batteries have been essential in keeping the grid stable and ensuring that the power flow to energy users is continuous.

Conclusion: The Clean Energy Council’s new study proves that large-scale battery storage is a much cheaper, cleaner and superior choice for electricity peaking services as opposed to the Kurri Kurri gas peaking plant.

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