Victoria Ensuring Women Are Part Of The Clean Energy Revolution

Victoria Ensuring Women Are Part Of The Clean Energy Revolution

To empower women to work in the solar industry, the Victorian Government is providing new training and support measures that will help them start a career in the sector. This move will boost the number of women working in the solar industry for a better transition to a clean, cheap and reliable energy future in Victoria.

Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Solar Homes, shortly announced that professional mentoring, subsidised apprenticeships and easy access to solar education to women can surely lift their number in the renewable industry under Growing our Clean Energy Workforce package worth $11 million.

She said that women have been under-represented in the solar sector for years, and their count makes up less than one per cent of electricians, solar designers, panel installers, and licensed electrical inspectors.

As per the recent initiative by the Government for driving the women workforce, 50 per cent of the cost of the new apprenticeship will be subsidised to help females in entering the industry. Also, the Victorian Government is providing apprentices with six monthly incentives and a tool allowance.
The apprenticeships will be managed by the AI Group Apprentice Training Centre and Apprenticeships Group Australia.

Not only this, women working in related energy industries, such as wind and electrical, will be provided free or low-cost training delivered by registered training organisations. The goal is to help them transition to clean energy or to improve their skills in the renewable sector. Also, targeted support from industry group Tradeswomen Australia will be provided through access to online workshops and face-to-face sessions.


Victorian Government introduced Growing Our Clean Energy Workforce package worth $11 million that offer training programs to upskill women and men already working in the clean energy sector. In addition, the targeted solar energy training and professional mentoring tend to promote a career in the solar industry.

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