Work Begins On 1.2GW Renewable Energy Hub In Australia

Work Begins On 1.2GW Renewable Energy Hub In Australia

A privately owned company, Squadron Energy, owned by an Australian businessman Andrew Forrest confirmed that he had acquired the two-stage Clarke Creek wind, solar PV and battery development project in the central Queensland region of Australia. As the work begins at the project site, he clarified that the contracts have already been issued for the construction phase of the first 450MW wind stage of the renewable energy project that is starting off soon.

Mr Forrest said, Squadron Energy proposed 1.2GW Clarke Creek wind and solar farm that is being developed about 150 kilometres northwest of Rockhampton. It will be the largest ever renewable energy hub located in the southern hemisphere upon completion.

It is being projected that the hub will produce enough wind, solar and battery energy with a capability of powering more than 660,000 Queensland households. Some percentage of energy will be exported for lower-cost electricity directly into the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The Clarke Creek wind, solar, and battery development project will mark a landmark moment for Australia’s green energy future. Originally developed by Lacour Energy and Goldwind, this project includes an 800MW wind farm, up to 400MW of solar installations, and up to 2GWh of battery energy storage facility at the site.

To facilitate the supply operation, a grid connection with long-term supply agreements and all state and federal approvals are already in place. The company is now ready to accelerate the start of construction work. The goal is to make stage one set to be fully operational by 2024, and the second stage will be completed by 2026.

How Will It Benefit The Australians?

When it comes to benefitting the common man, the power prices for millions of households and businesses will be lowered with the project’s capability of transmitting low-cost power via solar, wind and battery technologies.

Not only this, the project would generate jobs, motivate employment, and help the Government in achieving its renewable energy targets in the long run. This will greatly boost the target of achieving 50% renewable energy by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.


Andrew Forrest, a leading iron ore magnate, has announced an AUD 3 billion investment for the construction of a 1.2GW hybrid wind, solar and battery energy storage project in Australia that will lower the cost of power for millions of Australians.

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